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Dave Wedzik gives a brief overview of the 5 Keys, before the three pros delve in depth.

From: PureStrike 1 - Introduction to 5 Keys

PureStrike brings you this exclusive presentation of the 5 Simple Keys to Consistency, with Bob Koche, Dave Wedzik, and Chuck Evans. The 5 Keys include a Steady Head, Weight Forward, a Flat Left Wrist, the Sweet Spot Path and Clubface Control.

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Dave Wedzik Swings
From: PureStrike 1 - Introduction to 5 Keys
Dave Wedzik gives some excellent demonstrations of successful swings utilizing the keys he and the other two pros have just discussed.

Tags: medicus pure strike puresrike five keys to ball striking five keys chuck evans dave wedzik bob koch push sweet spot path hips club face push draw
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