Medicus Product DVDs

Medicus Product Instruction Manuals
( 7 Videos )

Medicus Instruction Manuals to help you understand more about your great Medicus products.
( 1 Videos )

A helpful instructional DVD to help you understand your swing control and to make using your Medicus OverSpin easier.
Corelinks instructional Video
( 1 Videos )

The Medicus CoreLinks Swing Trainer produces 2 major benefits. The first is that it stops picking the club up to quickly on the backswing which usually results in swinging across the ball, producing a pull or slice. The second is that it keeps you from raising your arms too quickly on the follow through, which may result in swinging out to the right, producing a hook. Learn more about its benefits and how to use it with this Chuck Evans hosted instructional video.
Drive Like a Pro with Mark O'Meara & Medicus Inventor Bob Koch
( 8 Videos )

Medicus offers you a chance to learn to drive like a pro with a private lesson from Mark O'Meara and Medicus inventor Bob Koch!
Medicus Fall Line Indicator Instructions
( 1 Videos )

Instructions for the use of the Medicus Fall Line Indicator
Motion Developer Training Instructions
( 10 Videos )

Medicus MD gives training instructions with the Motion Developer.
PowerMaximus Trainers-Taking it to the Max! with Chuck Evans.
( 1 Videos )

Introducing the PowerMaximus from Medicus. The Medicus has been chosen by gold pros as the #1 swing trainer club in the world. Now Medicus is bringing you the PowerMaximus to build your golf muscles. The patented PowerMaximus Trainers fall into the perfect swing plane every time to eliminate that hook or slice and build muscle memory. These weighted trainers develop the gold muscles for strength and accuracy.
The Medicus PowerMeter
( 4 Videos )

Swing Faster. Hit Farther. Because More Speed Means More Distance! Unlease the Power. Chuck Evans teaches you how to use the Medicus PowerMeter.
The New Medicus VisionTrack Pro Instructional Video
( 1 Videos )

Bob Koch introduces the new and improved Medicus VisionTrack training aid.
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