Part 3 - Trouble Tips
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Jack Lumpkin covers the intricacies and techniques of a wide variety of trouble shots.

From: Tee to Green - A Private Playing Lesson with Jack Lumpkin

Filmed at beautiful Sea Island Georgia, this informative and insightful video features Jack Lumpkin, 1995 National PGA Teacher of the Year and personal instructor to Davis Love III. The video begins with Jack showing the viewer how to dissect, strategize and play a golf hole from three different perspectives: that of a high handicapper, mid handicapper and PGA Tour pro. Jack will show you tactics that will give each golfer his best opportunity to achieve par or birdie. You will learn how to optimize your level of play.

In addition, Jack covers the intricacies and techniques of a wide variety of trouble shots. Jack shows you how to overcome various kinds of rough, unusually sloped lies plus greenside and fairway bunkers. In a unique demonstration of the splash or explosions shot, Jack shows how easy it is to deliver items such as a quarter and a tee to the target by displacing sand. The video also covers short fame shots around the greens. It concludes with a lesson on shaping of shots, including a demonstration on shaping shots around trees. Jack likes to say, "Scoring is what it's all about." Watch this video and you'll learn how to score, too!

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