PureStrike - The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency (PDF book)
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The complete transcript of the 5-DVD collection, including over 150 pictures.

From: PureStrike - The 5 Simple Keys to Consistency - The Complete Transcript (book)

The complete 5-DVD collection is now available in this book form with over 150 pictures to help illustrate the excellent examples, drills, and lessons. Until now, these 5 Simple Keys have never been revealed together. Studying the game's greatest players in great detail has allowed us to conclude that using these 5 keys together is the simplest way to assure a consistent, pure strike. The 5 simple keys are not only verifiable, but achievable by golfers of all levels, if they understand the fundamental movements and details behind each one. Once you learn these 5 simple keys, you'll notice the difference immediately! Once you master these 5 simple keys, you'll have consistent and pure ball striking!

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