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Introduction to the 3 Slices
From: Webinar Archive - The 3 Slices
Chuck Evans introduces this webinar, in which he will discuss the three types of slices. He briefly covers the slices, before going more in depth and explaining how to fix them.

Tags: chuck evans webinar medicus gold canyon purestrike 5 simple keys to consistency slice slicing target line club head club face face path club path
Putt Like a Pro with Geoff Mangum - Intro
From: Putt Like a Pro with Geoff Mangum
Geoff Mangum introduces this Medicus production of "Putt Like a Pro" and explains and demonstrates what makes the Medicus OverSpin Putter so great.

Tags: medicus putting puttingzone geoff mangum putt like a pro overspin bevelled edge line integrity force roll aim face balance break
Medicus Science
From: Medicus Golf Promotions
Independent test conducted to determine if the Medicus Driver can actually improve your golf swing.

Tags: Medicus science Tom Fisher taylormade performance lab
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